The End

To understand why this strategy will work, put yourself in the target's shoes. 


I want you to picture what it would look like at an experiential location that houses the brands you love alongside jewelry with legendary style, bold artistry, and innovative designs. I want you to picture the joy you’ll get interacting and learning about how a brand is helping to increase sustainability in the world of jewelry. I want you to picture how refreshing it is that you are among like-minded people and not being judged while looking at jewelry.  


Once you do that, I want you to picture what luxury means to you. That definition might just have turned into Tiffany & Co. 

Project Identification:

Course: Brand Strategy

Dates: Fall 2020

Credits: Partnered with Shelby Robinson on all aspects, however, I was the design lead. 

02 Brand Audit

03 Creative Brief

Tiffany & Co Creative Brief

The Process

01 Secondary Research 

Looking at the environmental factors and who the brand really is helped my team to gain insights into the human and business problems Tiffany's faces. 
The business problem is the lack of revenue from store closures. The human problem is an increasingly negative perception of the industry Tiffany's is in.  
Focusing on the human problem will be the most relevant. The stores will open again, but the cultural shift won't slow down.

02 Brand Audit

This presentation displayed a situational analysis of the brand's platform, competition, audience, communication, and environmental influences. 
While Tiffany's target is younger, future-focused Millennials, the brand is heavily positioned as a historic, nostalgic brand. 
Work with younger generations in the primary research to discover if this mismatch is the reason for the dislike of Tiffany. 

03 Primary Research 

We interviewed, surveyed, visited stores, and conducted focus groups to test our hypothesis and create empathy with the target audience. 
The target values self-expression and makes purchases to represent who they are, how they want to be, and what they value. 
The market doesn't feel represented in the current positioning, tone, and purchasing environment. 

04 Strategic Pitch

This presentation pitched an idea that would capitalize on three areas of opportunity for Tiffany & Co. to be a modern luxury brand. 
Our strategy is to show consumers that Tiffany jewelry can fit in and enhance the style they desire and that the brand aligns with their values of sustainability, inclusivity, and diversity.
Working with the target's needs will help reverse the generation's dislike in the industry and position Tiffany at the top-of-mind for modern luxury brands. 

05 Creative Brief

This brief outlined the strategic pitch in a clear, and organized manner for the creative team. 
Collaborate with their now owner LMVH to create pop-up stores and collab collections specifically for the target audience. 
This idea will position Tiffany & Co as a modern luxury brand and help their target fall in love with luxury products. 


I want you to picture what luxury means to you. Is it tech? High-end fashion? Fine dining? We all have our own factors that help define what we call luxury, but recently, there has been a surge of similar opinions by Millennials and Generation Z which have impacted entire industries and brands. 
The fact is, the definition of luxury is changing to reflect an increased value in lifestyle and practical goods, putting luxury jewelry empires like Tiffany & Co. in an uncomfortable position. 
Tiffany & Co needs to position itself as a modern luxury brand for today's consumers. Discovering how they will do that is what this project is all about. 

The Deliverables

01 Strategic Pitch