The Wurst Mvmt

Hot dogs-
The funny-shaped meat product really only makes an appearance at cookouts. The question is, how do you elevate the image of the hot dog after years of shame?
That’s what Wienerschnitzel tasked us to tackle during the 2019 National Student Advertising Competition. I got to work on the account team during the development phase to bring an out-of-the-box, edgy advertising campaign to life and had the opportunity to present (and win) the 4th district’s best presenter award.  
Our strategy? Defend the Dog. 
Designed by the Creative Team. 

The End

This project was one of the biggest, most intense challenges I have gotten to work on. While we may not have won, I'd like to use a team member's words: "The other teams did great work. We did Ringling work. We could have played it safe, but that's not us."
To this day, whenever I think of a hot dog, I think of this team and smile. 

Account Team

Ellie Winslow

Talie Malka

Paul Steber

Yasmina Khorma

Creative Team

Hope Cunniff

Bea Patarata

Holly Greaves Brown

Martin Pohlmann

Kelly Campbell

Allyssa Ellie

Caio Arias Nogueira

Production Team

Sanjana Sharma

Dong Hyun Shin


Presenter, evaluation, ROI, media mix, DMA, Copywriter

Impression calculator, budget analysis, media timeline

Spreadsheet coordinator

Influencer + partnership manager


Copywriter, presenter

MoBB creative designer

MoBB creative designer, presenter

Plans book designer 

Ongoing media designer

Stadium takeover creative designer

Wurst Wednesday creative designer, presenter

VR MoBB designer

Motion designer

Project Identification:

Course: National Student Advertising Competition. 

Dates: Spring 2019

Credits: See to the left

Designed by the Creative Team, written by the copywriters
Created by the Ringling College Film Department
Created by the Ringling College Film Department
Created by the Creative Team 
Created by the Production Team. 
Created by the Production Team. 

The Process

01 Creative Brief 

The creative brief and materials were given to the team at the start of the project and contained the challenge and misconceptions Wienerschnitsel wanted us to tackle. 
The misconceptions:
  1. Hot dogs are made of leftover meats. 

  2. Hot dogs are unhealthy

  3. Hot dogs are the most basic food

We need to take these misconceptions to heart and work to uncover the sources and create a campaign that reverses them. 

02 Research Team 

The research team (not my team) worked for an entire semester to conduct extensive primary and secondary research to learn about the target and their source of hatred of the dog. 
We found that people eat hot dogs more than they were willing to admit- hot dogs are embraced in some environments and shamed everywhere else.
We need to highlight and show this discrepancy and call out the misconceptions as untrue. 

03 Concept Development

The creative and account team (my team) started to create different concepts for a national ad campaign using the specs Wienerschnitzel gave us of one year and $25 million. 
Getting people to embrace the hot dog could be done through a campaign promoting people to "like what they like" or one that point-blank discusses the misconceptions.
We need to test these two campaigns on a national audience to see which resonates most with the target audience. 

04 Concept Testing

We tested these two concepts of "I like what I like" and "Let's be frank" on a national audience and received the results. 
"Let's be frank" was a bolder, fresher, and more unique take on tackling the misconceptions, but the name needs to be changed. 
A campaign called "The Wurst Mvmt" asked people to defend the dog, eliminate the shame, and tear down the misconceptions.

05 Creative Team 

Using the concept, the creative team worked with the account team to decide on the elements of the campaign. Then, creative got to work to bring those elements to life.  
Stadium takeovers, a Museum of Bias and Bullsh*t, and Wurst Wednesdays would fulfill the brief. 
Create an account plan that supported these campaign elements and is within budget. 

06 Account Planning

My team created a budget, DMA strategy, media timeline, media mix, ROI, and campaign evaluation strategy for the creative. I personally did the entire evaluation strategy and DMA strategy. 
This experiential-marketing-based campaign would fulfill the $25 million budget and could expect an almost $170 million ROI. 
All that was left is packaging the deliverables and pitching them to industry professionals in Tampa, FL.

07 Pitching and the Plansbook

We wrote and created a 25-page plans book and 20-minute presentation to sell our creative ideas live in the 4th district competition. 
Practice is the only way to achieve an incredible presentation, and even though an idea is bulletproof, it may rub people the wrong way.  
My takeaway from this event was the Best Presenter Award- the only solo-award given at this event. Our team also won 3rd place. 

The Deliverables

01 Plansbook

02 Video Spots

03 Wurst Wednesday 

04 MoBB Walkthrough