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The Only Way is You is a one-year microsite that positions Under Armour as the brand to support and empower athletes. It uses the strategy that the future of brand activations lies in brands transitioning into the role of a supporter and using consumer-centered "whys" as the basis of activations. 
This activation will empower athletes to use what they have control over -health and fitness- as the basis for overall well-being and coping through the pandemic. 

Project Identification:

Course: Senior Capstone I + II

Dates: Fall 2020-Spring 2021

Credits: All components are mine

02 Pitch Presentation

03 Creative Brief

The Process

01 Secondary Research 

A deep analysis of Under Armour's brand and the current environment regarding pandemic-fitness routines and needs helped lay a foundation. 
Women have been driving pandemic sales, and UA is still invisible to Gen Z. 
The general target audience needs to be women age 18-24 in order to maximize business-goal results. 

02 Primary Research 

A survey was sent out by myself and colleague Shelby Robinson to uncover more about our target's fitness journeys during the pandemic. 
People are seeking control in an uncontrollable time. Fitness and mental wellness is a coping tool. 
The strategy needs to play into giving control back to our audience and empower them. 

03 Strategy Development

The strategy for the activation needed to be created based on our target's needs discovered through primary and secondary research. 
Athletes felt powerless, people everywhere discovered fitness as a coping mechanism, and no one wants to be pitied. 
Showcase safe fitness routines to show power, motivate people to use fitness to achieve wellness, and support without pity. 

04 Activation Plan 

The plan included what the activation would consist of, and the media mix, budget, media plan and return on investment. 
Our audience needs a motivation tool, database for workouts, space to look internally, community builder, and educational tool. 
A microsite called "The Only Way is You" plays off UA's current marketing tagline and meets athlete's needs while elevating UA's brand. 

The Only Way is You Brand Activation

How has your fitness journey changed throughout 2020?
Gyms are closed, team sports disappeared, athletes everywhere have had to drastically change their routines. So what's a brand to do?
If you're a human-centered brand like Under Armour you have the perfect opportunity to create a brand activation. Found during The Future of Brand Activation project, the future of activations lies in brands transitioning into the role of a supporter and having a consumer-centered "why" as the activation's foundation.  
This project takes that strategy and shows how a pandemic-friendly activation would be planned and what it would look like. 

The Deliverables

01 Leave-Behind 

Future of Brand Activations Brief