The End

This project was a focus in international management but it was based entirely in strategy. The goal was to foster community and gain equality all while navigating the culture and customs of another country. 
Through environment design, brand strategy, and organizational structure, this venture is a bold endeavor that both challenges yet respects the status quo. 
To learn more about this project or the strategies created, see the deliverable above.

Project Identification:

Course: International Management

Dates: Spring 2020

Credits: All aspects are my own. 

The Process

01 International Business Environment

This section of research included a global scan, South African business cultural audit and an overview venture pitch presentation. 
South Africa presents great business opportunities, and due to the history of the country, equality is a major factor to work towards. 
Create a space that directly relates to breaking down barriers and works to foster equality. 

02 Business Venture Strategy

This section of research included a business and brand strategy, competitive assessment, global integrative strategy, entry strategy alternatives and global corporate strategy 
There is room in the market for an experiential soccer sports bar, and the strategy is to be something unlike ever before without being abrasive to the community. 
An experiential soccer sports bar that celebrates the customs of the community and elevates the experience of current competitors is the solution. 

03 Situational Assessment 

This section of research analyzed the internal strengths and weaknesses as well as the external opportunities and threats. 
There will be competition and threats like all new businesses, but the strengths outweigh these. 
Dlala as a venture is a solid foundation and will be born. 

04 Organizational and Operations Planning

This section of planning included an organizational structure and behavior, resource needs assessment, operational model, as well as venue and experience design for the location. 
Creating an experience design layout that fosters community will help to fulfill the business purpose.
Create a space with one large room for viewing games, and an indoor soccer court for playing. 


This is a story about creating a business in South Africa. 
For one of the fastest-growing and progressive countries in Africa, inequality is abundant. There is, however, one uniting factor- soccer and their beloved team Bafana Bafana. I wanted to provide a space where anyone, no matter social status or race can come together and celebrate the factors that unite them. The space? An experiential soccer sports bar in Johannesburg.  
When creating an overseas venture, entrepreneurs need to understand how their brand fits into and serves the host country. Everything from the purpose of the business, management techniques, strategy, and experience design needs to work with the culture and traditions of the country.
Every aspect of Dlala is created with this in mind. 

The Deliverables

01 Venture Book